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The Problem

Video, particularly real time video calls, live streaming and broadcasting, and even VoD, suffer from buffering and freezing in low, unstable and congested network environments. To adapt video to "poor" network conditions and deliver a good consumer experience is one of the most challenging problems faced today by Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Viber and Snapchat, amongst many others. Our hugely valuable technology assets and solutions can significantly mitigate these problems and add differentiation to car, chip, entertainment and software companies. Moreover, due to our special algorithms, we are able to use less bandwidth for comparable quality video and thus help in congestion reduction. We are continuously improving our algorithms to deliver even better video quality at low bitrates.

Speed SliQBits Duo FaceTime WhatsApp
2G to 3G Freeze Freeze High Latency View Demo
2G to WiFi Freeze Freeze High Latency View Demo
50 Kbps to 50 Kbps Freeze Freeze High Latency View Demo
Varying Wifi to 2G to Wifi Freeze Poor Video Freeze View Demo
Varying 500 to 50 to 300 Kbps Freeze Poor Video Freeze View Demo
Speed SliQBits YouTube Netflix
At 100 Kbps Buffering No Video View Demo
Started at 1 Mbps to 200 Kbps Buffering View Demo

Solutions and Technologies

SliQBits has substantial and proven innovations in enabling efficient delivery of video at low bitrates (as low as 50 Kbps) and in delivering uninterrupted video when down or up shifting from one bitrate to another or handing off between one network type and another (5G to 4G to 3G to 2G or vice versa). Streams from YouTube and Netflix freeze, while WhatsApp and Duo video calls stutter and go into a "reconnecting" or "cannot play at this time" modes. Our technologies have been road tested in 196 countries over the last 10 years in a diverse set of hardware and software products through hundreds of millions of live streams, voice and video calls, chats, live and VoD infotainment, and video ads.

Custom Network Protocol

In-vehicle infotainment and communication will continue to grow in importance. With more mobile phones, connected/autonomous vehicles and IoT devices coming online, there will be a dramatic increase in bandwidth consumption resulting in congestion. With our Custom Network Protocol algorithms, we can continue to deliver quality video with lower latency in difficult network conditions and also connect faster.

SliQBits' customized UDP based transport protocol for video calling and video streaming is similar to TCP and is optimized for faster connection establishment, better congestion control, lower latency and significantly lower protocol overheads in comparison to TCP. Our video broadcast is a scalable solution that can stream a user's video broadcast to any number of people watching the broadcast at different bitrates and with low overall capture-to-receive latency. We have designed a new protocol algorithm for low latency (within 2 seconds) for real-time streaming from a server in the cloud.

SliQBits' Custom Network Protocol expertise can also be applied for other real time data delivery needs such as sending real time telematics or driver behavior data from the car to the cloud.

Advanced Adaptive Bitrate and Bandwidth Estimation Algorithms

SliQBits' advanced ABR engines adapt to dynamic network conditions. SliQBits' technologies, especially for live video delivery in streaming, calling and broadcasting can therefore provide, amongst other future solutions, a compelling bandwidth efficient infotainment solution for connected cars and mobile phones, including streaming of video ads.

Our bandwidth estimation algorithms have been developed for various video delivery solutions based on requirements of latency and available bandwidth. Based on feedback from network on Round Trip Time, Packet Loss and Data Transfer Rate, our algorithm estimates available bandwidth and adjusts video parameters such as bitrate, frame rate, resolution and GOP size, according to the estimated bandwidth.

The algorithms have been calibrated by continuous testing and adjustments over various networks, especially emerging market cellular networks, to enable reliable video delivery for streaming and calling. The solutions can be readily applied in advanced markets when bandwidth is constrained.

Reliable and Fast Connection that Works Across All Network Topologies

This covers exhaustive connection techniques that traverse all types of NATs to establish a connection between two end points. A connection is guaranteed irrespective of the type of NAT in front of the end points. The techniques include Point-to-Point connection using STUN/ICE and UDP hole punching along with fall over to TURN Relay Servers in the Cloud. For connection to home devices, a technique for automatic UPnP port forwarding is included. Protocol is optimized for fast connection.

Robust Echo Cancellation

A robust echo cancellation solution that works across various high end, mid-range to low end phone models for use in video/voice calling.

Portable SDK

Solution is designed as a SDK for integration in third party mobile applications and embedded devices for video streaming, video calling and video broadcast; cloud servers hosted on AWS and portable to other cloud solutions for enabling connection, streaming or broadcast depending on the use case.

Additional Technology Assets