Summary of Products and Applications

Video Calling

SliQ is a cross platform (Android and iOS) video and VoIP calling app with the lowest bandwidth requirement making it the world’s most bandwidth efficient calling application. Optimized to work on high jitter, low bandwidth emerging market cellular networks, it is the only solution that works efficiently on networks with speeds as low as 50 Kbps, yet scales up to broadband speeds. 50mi calls, 196 countries in 12 months.

Supports chat with photo/video transfer, infotainment, broadcast video (one to many) and video ads.

Technology covers application, cloud connection infrastructure, specialized adaptive bitrate encoding, high quality echo cancellation, low overhead protocol, cascading connection scheme, ad support and cash back support.

Video Talkie is another video calling app, with 50% reduced data consumption for the emerging markets. It features 1-way video calls and 2-way voice calls.

Live Video Broadcasting

SliQ Live features video broadcast. This feature allows a user of SliQ to broadcast a live event to all other SliQ users over the cloud. This is designed to work even in low bandwidth network conditions and scales to support any number of users who wish to watch the live broadcast. Technology can be used for broadcasting video ads.

Available as an SDK for 3rd party integration.

A social entertainment feature, similar to YY, the popular Chinese social media streaming service.

Entertainment Streaming from Cloud

Video entertainment service that captures live video feeds from satellite receivers of TV Channels, such as Sony, Star and others, transcodes captured audio-video to different bitrates to be streamed from servers hosted in the cloud (AWS) to client applications. This solution was licensed to Sony Entertainment Television.

Hardware Video Place Shifting Products

Box level consumer product families, that allow consumers to watch and control their home TV from their mobile phones, tablets, PCs or even other TVs. Includes onscreen remote control so users can access all of their home TV features, channels and services. Recording on STB and mobile devices is supported, including transfer of shows between the two.

Created mobile apps, embedded firmware, industrial design, board layout, cloud servers and EPG. Features integrated into Smart TVs, routers, Home Gateways and network-attached hard drives. Shipped over a million units to consumers in over 150 countries. Supported over 500mi streams.

Video Streaming Player Applications

Applications running on a complete range of PC and mobile O/S such as iOS, Android, Windows.

TV applications on Samsung and LG, as well as Android TV. Web based streaming application for browsers.