SliQBits has extensive experience in low bandwidth video streaming and has managed hundreds of millions of streams, both from device to device and from the cloud. Its technologists have designed hardware and software products and therefore, the team has a deep understanding of how video streaming and broadcasting, both live and VoD, interplay with mobiles, Connected and Autonomous Cars, and IoT products.


10 years of R&D and substantial funding along with over 180 engineers worked to develop our technologies. Our labs in the Silicon Valley, Tomsk Russia and Bangalore, India have resulted in a significant number of video engines and algorithms, and some key patents. This expertise has been used in products and applications that are recognized globally by consumers and corporations such as Cisco, Motorola, AT&T, Comcast, Sony and many others. Our Founder, Prabhat Jain, is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who pioneered invention of Color, Audio, MPEG, and Video chips, and Software Codecs for mobile markets.

Video is complex, especially management over low bandwidth and congested network conditions

Video is one of the most complex of all technologies to deploy, especially in new products such as Connected and Autonomous Cars.

Live streaming and broadcasting, and even VoD, suffer from buffering and freezing in low, unstable and congested network environments. To adapt video to “poor" network conditions and deliver a good consumer experience is one of the most challenging problems faced today by Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Viber and Snapchat, amongst many others. Our solutions can significantly mitigate these problems and add differentiation to car, chip, entertainment and software companies.

We have devised a new protocol for a scalable solution that can stream a user’s video broadcast from a mobile phone to any number of people who wish to watch the broadcast in real time at a very low latency. The protocol is designed to:

This protocol can be merged with standard protocol like HLS or DASH with variant playlist and give a better video viewing experience than what HLS or DASH enables, especially when the user is watching content over a low bandwidth network.

Diverse Products

The Company has shipped over a million units of its Place Shifting hardware devices along with multiple applications to consumers in 170 countries and to many large OEMs, retailers and distributors globally.


The Company is funded by large funds and wealthy executives such as from Credit Suisse, Nestle, UC Berkeley, Banque Piguet and Société Générale.