Licensed and Integrated Place Shifting SDK into Broadcom's platform for Cisco's Set-Top Box product. This enabled the STB to stream live and recorded content in-home, as well as out-of-home, to client applications running on iOS and Android devices. An on-screen remote in the application allowed users to operate the STB remote control functions from the application.


Designed and developed a Place Shifting and DVR product for Motorola with custom software and mobile players that would allow live streaming and sideloading of content on mobile devices. Features included Place Shifting, Electronic Program Guide (EPG), sideloading, scheduled recording, mobile content management, set-top content management, DLNA renderer and internet video.


Customized Place Shifting products (HAVA/Vulkano) software and mobile players to allow Centralized Remote Management of the product, for distribution as value add bundle to AT&T's u-Verse TV service.


Arris, Belkin, IOData and Pinnacle: Various OEM flavors of the Place Shifting products (HAVA/Vulkano), with customized firmware, EPG and player applications.


DVR (scheduled recording) and Place Shifting software licensed and integrated to run on a Zenverge transcoding hardware platform. The product provided a "Media Everywhere" integrated solution targeted for low cost TVs enabling users to record content on a USB-HDD directly attached to a TV, stream recorded content in-home and out-of home.


Customized Place Shifting and recording software and client applications to support Policy Management for Comcast. The proof of concept enabled MSO's to support existing and future content rights agreements. Based on available rights, various features of the product like Live TV, sideloading, recording etc. at a channel or program level would get enabled/disabled. The rights metadata with integrated with the EPG.


The Place Shifting hardware platform was fully integrated into a DirecTV set top box. The integrated solution provided both local and remote video functionality.


Integrated the Place Shifting platform into the most popular Linksys wireless router (WRT 54G). The integrated solution provided both local and remote video functionality.

Sony, Micromax

Delivered the live streaming back-end for an application that enabled users to watch Sony Entertainment Television's content on Micromax phones. The solution captured data from satellite receivers, transcoded them to various bitrates, and delivered them to custom client SDK's through cloud servers.