Connected and Autonomous Cars, IoT and Mobile

Connected and Autonomous cars and IoT

Entertainment/Infotainment/Video Ads

Passengers, and soon drivers, want to watch TV, movies or a live soccer match to pass the time on long trips, or to keep up with the latest while buzzing around town. Our Place Shifting engines can even deliver videos from your home set-top box hard drive to your mobile or car. Fast moving vehicles and congested environments make tough network conditions even tougher. We have extensive experience delivering the best possible video experience in difficult network conditions such as 2G and low speed 3G, varying network speeds and handoffs from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2G; situations that are all too common on roads. As new streaming and content services, other than current services such as YouTube and Netflix become available, car companies will try to differentiate their offerings from the traditional offerings to entice consumers to buy their cars. Our evolving technologies can make the difference in bringing a quality video consumer experience, regardless of network conditions.

Communication Platform for Connected Cars/Mobile

The people in Connected Cars want to be connected, with more than just voice, video and chat. In addition, we deliver local infotainment intertwined with video ads and live broadcast from the car globally for social entertainment. Such compelling and exciting features will become critical as the market evolves toward full autonomous driving; freeing up drivers, and passengers, to get back to what they would rather do, such as talk with friends or business colleagues, see their families, or just gossip. SliQBits' expertise in connecting calls in difficult network environments, maintaining the connections, providing the best possible voice/video calling and video broadcast experience is a big plus even for the current generation of Connected Car occupants. In emerging markets, our technologies deliver smooth video at reduced data rates.

IoT, Home Integration and Vehicle Management

One of the most complicated "Ts" on the IoT will be cars. Combine the home integration and vehicle management requirements of the new cars with other telematics and V2V/V2I requirements, and you have a vast data communication load to handle. SliQBits' proprietary network protocols offer faster and more robust connectivity, reduced latency and reduced data overhead, 20-30% less than other solutions. As Connected Cars send and receive more and more data, expertise such as ours becomes more and more valuable to our partners.


Comprehensive Communication Platforms - Even Works at 50Kbps and also on 2G speeds.

SliQ – The world’s most comprehensive communication platform, offers Video and Voice Calling, full Chat functionality with photo, voice and video, Infotainment streaming from the cloud, and Video Broadcasting (one to many). It is the world's latest cross platform voice/video calling app that allows you to communicate on 2G/3G/4G and WiFi networks. We have logged over 50 million voice and video calls over 196 countries in just 12 months.

Its new broadcast feature, SliQ Live, will be added to the app by May 30, 2017. The feature targets global consumers rather than just regional (YY and Bigo Live). This is a "monetizable" feature by selling "beans" to users who then offer them to the person who is "webcamming" their face or a special event (playing guitar or singing). These beans or diamonds that are collected, are then sold back to us, but at a discount allowing us to make and keep the difference.

Emerging market populations are mostly still on 2G. Our app works in these difficult network conditions due to our ability to fine tune our patented algorithms to suit these environments. Our app works all the way from 2G to WiFi.

SliQ also offers rich, region-specific infotainment content without any complicated searches.

SliQ is available on Android and iOS, phones and tablets. Download from Google Play and Apple App Store.

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Video Talkie App Screenshot
Video Talkie App

Push-to-talk reinvented. Talk to, and see, your friends and family.

Remember Walkie Talkies?

Staying up late at night telling jokes and secrets to your friend?

Video Talkie is a video walkie talkie. Call anyone on your contact list. (They have to have the Video Talkie app installed. But, hey, it's free!) You talk. They talk. But now with our app, by simply tapping on the green button (while you are talking), you can let your friend to see you live.

It's fun and easy. It also uses as little as 50% of the data compared to either Skype or FaceTime. Your calls are much cheaper because you are sending much less video. So, at the end of the month, if you are on a limited plan, your costs will be less than even an ordinary cellular call.

You can't use Video Talkie without smiling because it is such a cool and inexpensive way of making video calls.

Press Kit

SliQBits Offers Unlimited Free Voice And Video Calls Through Its Free SliQ App

SliQBits ( today announced that it is making SliQ, its popular voice and video call service, totally free and unlimited for smartphone users in India. SliQ users will have INR 10 credited to their mobile phone account after their first SliQ call. This covers approximately 42 three-minute voice, or 8 three-minute video calls or a combination. After these calls are completed, the user's account is "reloaded" with another INR 10, for as long as SliQ is in use. Learn More»

SliQBits is offering its voice and video call service free and unlimited for smartphone users in India. SliQ users will have ₹10 credited to their mobile phone account after their first call. This will cover 42 voice calls of three minutes each, or 8 video calls of the same duration or a combination. Learn More»

SliQBits ( today announces SliQ, a voice and video calling app that incorporates the Company's advanced, proprietary adaptive bit rate technologies, enabling quality video calls at bitrates as low as 45kbps, and voice calls at 25kbps. This fills a big hole for billions of smartphone users in emerging markets. The app is specially designed to be simple to use, in local languages, to work on 2/3G networks which will continue to be the dominant standards in emerging market networks through 2020.Learn More»

Former Bharti Airtel CEO and Micromax Informatics Chairman Sanjay Kapoor has turned investor and mentor to start-ups. One such venture, SliQBits, started by a bunch of engineers from Bengaluru and Silicon Valley is readying to take on global majors such as Skype with the launch of free voice and video calling app called SliQ. Learn More»